Olla Pot Irrigation Updated with Weeping Spikes

The use of unglazed clay pots, sometimes called olla pots, for watering plants has been used for thousands of years in many different cultures for effective and efficient water use. Olla pots do not use pressurized systems, timers, or any other accessories. Just bury the pot and keep it filled with water.

Our watering spike is the olla pot reimagined. Our watering spikes function the same way as olla pots, with more durable material, using water efficiently by delivering water to the plant roots when the plant needs it.

Just insert the spike and keep it filled with water. Our material functions the same way as the unglazed clay pots but with more durable material. Easier to use and takes less work to integrate with your plants.

We offer spikes suitable for smaller pots (6 inches) to using our 1-gallon garden kit system for a raised garden bed. Individual watering spikes are available for purchase to customize your modern olla watering system.

Water your roots.