Watering Your Indoor Plants

  1. Know the type of houseplant you have - does it require less water like succulents and cacti? 
  2. Know the type of soil you have for your houseplant- do you have well-draining soil, it is compacted and dense soil?
  3. Factor in the type and size of your pot - do you have a terracotta pot or a decorative pot that does not “breath”
  4. The amount of light, temperature, and humidity your houseplant gets make a difference
  5. Water the soil of your houseplant and not the leaves

The soil about 2 inches down tells you whether your houseplant needs water.  Watering on a fixed schedule can cause overwatering and underwatering since the soil moisture is not being considered.  Overwatering rots your houseplant's roots.  Excess water should be removed from the saucer or pot.

Does this sound overwhelming and hard? It is.  The average lifespan of a houseplant is 4-8 weeks. You are not alone when you kill houseplant after houseplant. Our watering spike simplifies what you need to know to water your houseplant.  

The IFusion Watering Spike has a unique material that allows your plant to decide when and how much water it needs.  The spike is inserted into the soil to deliver the water to your plant.  Our unique material is porous and allows for the water to be delivered only when needed.  Unlike other watering spikes that continuously add water whether your plant needs it or not. 

The IFusion Watering Spike comes with a bottle adapter that you can attach most beverage bottles for a larger reservoir to water your plant.  The IFusion Watering Spike also is available with decorative and small bowls already attached.  

Insert the IFusion Watering Spike and keep filled with water.  That's it. 

We recommend using one spike with pots 6”-16” in diameter.  If you use the bottle connector, please ensure that the bottle is vented to allow the water to leave the bottle.  You can cut off the bottom of the bottle or poke a hole (⅛” or larger).  

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