Watering Spikes FAQs

Thank you for your interest in IFusion Watering Spikes, a revolutionary underground watering system.

What are IFusion Watering Spikes?

We make IFusion Watering Spikes from the same material used in irrigation systems.

When made by our proprietary process, the watering spikes' material becomes microporous. Through these micropores, water seeps into the soil from a reservoir at a very slow rate that keeps the soil damp, but not wet, and allows plants to absorb water when they need it.

How do I use an IFusion Watering Spike?

To water a plant or plants, insert into the soil near the plan an IFusion Watering Spike connected to a water reservoir. 

I am using an IFusion Watering Spike with a hose barb, where should I put the reservoir of water?

For water to flow into the IFusion Watering Spike, the water level in the reservoir needs to be higher than the height of the IFusion Watering Spike. You can choose how far away you wish to place the reservoir from your plant.

How often do I need to add water my plants when I use IFusion Watering Spikes?

IFusion Watering Spikes deliver water only when your plants need water. By maintain water in the reservoir, your plant is receiving the amount of water it needs, so it will not be under-watered or over-watered. Even if you see water, it is perfectly alright to add more water since it is impossible to over-water your plants.

I want to use IFusion Watering Spikes in my vegetable garden, how many do I need?

Use IFusion Watering Spikes with hose barbs, tubing, and tee connectors to water your whole garden from a single, easy to access the reservoir. We recommend one IFusion Watering Spike under every root system. If you have several plants close together, one IFusion Watering Spike within 9" to 12" of the central stalk should be sufficient to handle multiple plants. You may need additional watering for young plants to establish a root system into the moisture zones created by IFusion Watering Spikes.

Can I fertilize my plants by adding fertilizer to the water in the reservoir?

Yes, you can! Please choose a completely water-soluble fertilizer. Slow-release fertilizers contain insoluble materials. The slow-release fertilizer materials will plug the hoses in a watering system.

Do you sell an IFusion Watering Spike without an accessory (only the bare spike)?

We designed IFusion Watering Spikes to be compatible with commercially available 1/2" CPVC fittings so that you can build a hard-piped system. CPVC fittings do have different dimensions that PVC fittings, so the IFusion Watering Spikes should be used with CPVC. An all-purpose CPVC, PVC cement typically found in the plumbing section of hardware stores may be used to glue an IFusion Watering Spike into a CPVC fitting. Purchasing bare IFusion Watering Spikes will also allow DIYers to create their custom decorative reservoirs.

I've designed my custom decorative reservoir to be 3D printed. What material is suitable for 3D printing, and how may I attach the IFusion Watering Spike to my reservoir?

You should print with ABS filament. It would be best if you connected the reservoir to the IFusion Watering Spike with commercially available ABS-PVC transition cement found in the plumbing section of most hardware stores. Other glues may not hold the IFusion Watering Spike to other 3D printing materials and, over time, may start leaking between the IFusion Watering Spike and your reservoir.