water bottle adapter with tubing
bottle adapter with tubing
adapter for water bottle with tubing
attaching tubing to water bottle

Bottle Adapter with Tubing

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Turn almost any water bottle (PET bottle) into a water reservoir for your IFusion Watering Spikes to water your plants and garden.

How to Connect: The 3/16” ID flexible tubing connects easily to 3/16” ID tubing (flexible vinyl or 1/4” irrigation tubing) using a hose barb.

Watering system tips: Hide the reservoir away from your plant, place it in a more convenient location to refill, or supply those watering spikes in difficult locations. The PET bottle can have a hole added to the bottom for easy refilling or the bottle can be kept intact for a more secure reservoir to prevent spilling.

Tubing Specs: 3/16” ID tubing (9" length)